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8 Aug

Reason #9 To Consult a Mortgage Broker: Ongoing Service Commitment


Posted by: Sarah Boudreau

Reason #9 To Consult a Mortgage Broker: Ongoing Service Commitment

Once a broker places a mortgage for a client, you are a client for the life of that mortgage! Mortgage brokers encourage clients to call us at any time for advice on their existing mortgage, and we will keep the client up to date on any mortgage news and how it pertains to their situation. A client may be in a variable rate or adjustable mortgage product. Brokers can provide guidance as to whether locking in the rate is in the client’s best interest or if its more favorable to stay with their current product.


A mortgage broker will always encourage their clients to call for advice on future plans for any additional purchases as well. With the ever-changing mortgage guidelines, brokers can help navigate the process for any new properties and subsequent mortgage financing for vacation properties, rental properties or a second home for a child attending university.   Life is unpredictable and mortgage brokers are there for their clients to assist with all of life’s circumstances. A mortgage broker has experience in dealing with many different situations such as refinancing to renovate a home, a new marriage, a divorce situation that requires a spousal buyout or perhaps an out of province move.


Brokers like to keep in touch with their clients in order to pass along any pertinent mortgage news or changes that are taking place in the market. Brokers want their clients to be aware and knowledgeable about how any changes may affect them currently or in the future. An experienced broker is always transparent with their clients, providing the information and options available to help their clients make the best decision given their circumstances. Because of this, brokers will be in touch various times throughout the year as changes pop up in the market.


Knowledge is powerful, therefore brokers provide an ongoing service commitment to keep in touch with their client base and pass along as much knowledge as possible.


As always if you have any questions or concerns, let me know.