11 Feb

5 Reasons to use a Realtor


Posted by: Sarah Boudreau

  1. Management of the Paperwork and the Fine Print:

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”. Real Estate transactions are document heavy. They involve contracts, disclosures, waivers and more initials and signatures than you care to imagine. Let a Realtor tackle the paperwork for you. They are familiar with the documentation and terms used which can be an enormous help and can also save you from costly mistakes as a buyer or seller. Realtors have extensive knowledge on how to write up offers with conditions and terms to protect and benefit their clients based on their needs. They are also better equipped to help advise a client on if/when any conditions can be lifted.

  1. Pricing Expertise:

Realtors have access to the data, education, tools, and experience needed to best advise on home values for both sellers and buyers. Many will even have niche markets in which they are considered experts, specializing in things like acreages, condos, or luxury homes.  They look at market trends, comparable pricing, housing market conditions and how different neighborhoods hold value when advising their clients. This information is crucial when making an informed decision on either selling or purchasing a home and for achieving successful results.

  1. Negotiating Skills:

A good realtor is always a savvy negotiator. When we think of a good negotiator, the first thing we often think about is pricing: Getting a good “deal” on a sale price versus list price. Along with pricing, a realtor will also be well equipped to negotiate and leverage various terms, conditions, and timelines, so you can be sure you have addressed all the variables and are truly getting the best value, not just the best sale price.

  1. Industry Network:

It takes a team of qualified professionals to ensure a real estate transaction goes smoothly. Realtors have an arsenal of reputable contacts in their back pockets to help with all aspects of a purchase or sale. Lawyers, Mortgage Professionals, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Home Stagers, Landscapers, Cleaners and Movers. I guarantee your realtor has someone they recommend with a history and track record of excellent service. Why gamble on a google search?

  1. Professional Advocacy and Ethics:

Realtors must adhere to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) rules, regulations, and strict code of ethics. They are educated professionals and it is their duty to offer honest and ethical advice. There are serious repercussions should a realtor act in a way that is deemed unethical. They are legally bound to work in your best interest.

Most of us only purchase a few properties in a lifetime and this may be your largest investment. Working with a seasoned professional who facilitates hundreds of transactions and has industry education and experience only makes sense.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need some advice!


PS: Many thanks to my colleague, Cory Lewis, for the original idea and much of the information in this blog!